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Why you should use a travel agency to plan your holiday in New Zealand

Many people wonder why they would use a travel agency when it is now so easy to book a trip online, whether it’s just a hotel or a rental car – or more! It is true that internet made holiday planning easier, but there are still benefits to booking through a travel agency that no machines, travel guides, websites or social media platforms can beat!

1. It’s stress free and saves you time

We take care of everything. Tell us what you like, the sort of trip you want (adventure, luxury, backpacking…), the duration, activities you would like to do, and your budget. We’ll take the time to get to know you in order to offer you the most unique, tailor-made and detailed itinerary. And that’s all for free!

Once you approve the quote, we take care of all the reservations ourselves, making sure all your needs and requests are forwarded to our suppliers. A few weeks before your trip starts, we will send you all the documents you need for your trip: vouchers, reservation details, itinerary, contact details.

2. You get the best price

A lot of people think that using an agency is more expensive than planning a trip yourself. That’s not the case! Here’s why:

Firstly, because travel agencies get the best deals from accommodations, activity providers or rental companies as they bring them a lot of customers.

Secondly, we adapt our quote depending on your budget. We will do our best to stick to it: if we think we will go over, we will offer you other alternatives (a different accommodation category, a cheaper vehicle if needed, or we can recommend you to travel on other dates eg outside of school holidays).

3. Make the most of our expertise

We know every little corner of New Zealand like the back of our hands. It’s our job, and we absolutely love it! We can advise you about many things: which campervan to choose, which road to take, when to go. We also have our little secret spots and can help you find those little places off the beaten track if that’s what you want.

We also take time to visit providers like hotels and motels to make sure they are up to our standards so that our clients don’t have a bad experience. We choose our suppliers based on their products, but also on their customer service and attitude.

4. Get support when you are travelling

This is a big benefit, especially right now. A lot can happen while you travel around New Zealand: from a small incident like your rental car breaking down, to an earthquake. We are here to help, 7 days a week. If you have a problem during your trip, contact us and we will readjust your trip depending on the problem, on the day you call. We can, for example, book a hotel in another place, change the time of a pre-booked activity, and so much more.

On the other hand, if you’re in complete holiday mode and want to switch off your brain, we remain aware of what’s happening in the country: for instance, if a road is closed, we will contact you as soon as possible to warn you and advise you with a plan B.

5. You support a small business that helps other businesses

Choosing a travel agency like Antipodes Travel is not only supporting our small business but also all of our suppliers. Some of them rely heavily on wholesalers and travel agencies.


So this year, get out there and explore your own incredible backyard, and support local.
Make the most of it while overseas tourists are unable to visit: this is a once in a lifetime chance.

Visit our website to find out more about Antipodes Travel and our tours around New Zealand:

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